User Manual 【FlashcardBox】

The overview page about this app is here.

Study by Using Flashcard

The first screen appears when you run this app is Deck-List Screen. After touch a deck in Deck-List Screen, the app transits to study mode. In study mode, an answer appears when you touch an empty card.

2 kinds of study mode

There are 2 kinds of study mode.

  • Normal Mode
  • Focus Mode
Normal Mode

In Normal Mode, you can study in order. The bellow actions are available by touch the buttons.

  • Step next
  • Back previous
  • Back to the first card
  • Step to the last card

(If you swipe the screen horizontally, a card will step next or back previous.)

Normal Mode
focus mode

In focus mode, the cards whose percentage of incorrect answer appear more often.

Focus Mode

Edit A Card Deck

The app transits to Edit Deck Mode. Touch the Edit Button on the bottom-left of Deck-List Screen -> Touch the deck you want to edit.

You can do the bellow actions in Edit-Deck Mode.

  • Create a new card
  • Edit a card
  • Delete a card
  • Reset answer history of a card deck

Create A New Card Deck

You can create a new card deck by touching the + button on the deck list screen.

Delete A Card Deck

You can delete a card deck by one of the bellow operations.

  • Touch the Edit Button on the Deck-List Screen. -> Touch the Red Button of the card deck you want to delete -> Touch the Delete Button.
  • Swipe horizontally the card deck you want to delete on the Deck-List screen.

Communitcate with Dropbox

The screen communitaces with DropBox appears when you touch the bottom-right button of Deck-List Screen.

The screen communicates with Dropbox

Data on DropBox

FlashcardBox uploads a deck data to the below file on your DropBox. (The character code of the file is UTF-8.)

  • /Apps/Flashcard-Box/Data/DECK_NAME/deck.tsv

The format of deck.tsv is TSV(Tab Separated Variables). A line means a card.

[a card without note]
  • 1st item:front text of a card
  • 2nd item:back text of a card
  • 3rd item:the number of incorrect answers
  • 4th item:the number of correct answers
[a card withnote]
  • 1st item:front text of a card
  • 2nd item:back text of a card
  • 3rd item:note of a card
  • 4th item:the number of incorrect answers
  • 5th item:the number of correct answers

Special Rules

  • When the card is setted to be skipped, % added to the head.
  • ‘&’ represents a newline.
  • ‘¥&’represents a ‘&’.


Deck Name : “Music”

path of the sample deck.tsv (Music)


sample deck.tsv (Music)

Other Features

  • Reverse mode.
  • You can add a note on a card.
  • You can change the background image.
  • You chan change the font size.
  • The cards that an user provisions will be skipped.


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